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Sammlung Philippi
How did my interest in clerical and regligious head coverings begin?
How it all started ....
Once again, I was strolling through the streets of Rome (Via S. Chiara, Via del Mascherino, Piazza del Sant' Uffizio, Via S. Caterina da Siena, Piazza della Minerva, Borgo Pio, Via dei Cestari, ... ) and contemplating the window display of the primary suppliers of clerical vestments (Forniture e Sartoria Ecclesiastica, Arredamento Liturgico or Arredi e Paramenti Sacri)  I was struck by the different headdresses. I was especially impressed by a red cardinals' biretta, made from glimmering red silk with moiré patterns. I plucked up my courage, entered the shop and asked if I could possibly buy one. I could. This purchase very much laid the foundation stone for my enduring interest in the subject.

See the category  "Shops for Celerical Products in Rome" for a nearly complete overview.

If you type the names of these renowned companies or other key-words into a search engine, you will hit a plenty of newspaper articles on these clerical outfitter and their work.

To illustrate my point, I compiled the following:

39 newspaper articles in German laguage, 75 pages (14.600 KB)

13 newspaper articles in English language, 35 pages (4.800 KB)

12 newspaper articles in Italien, Spanish and Frensh language, 18 pages (5.000 KB)

I developed an interest in the names and usage of these headdresses - thus, I was captivated by the subject. The results of my research are published on this page as well as in a book. It is not a thorough scholarly study; neither have I scientific ambitions. Yet my research may serve as a solid basis for others who are interested in liturgical headcoverings and are about to take up their own studies.


Terms and different spellings of clerical headdresses I came across in the course of my research:

Catholic Church

Almuce, Almucia, Almucium, Amice, Aumuce, Amys, Armurcia, babushka, Berretta, Biretta, Birettum, Birretus, bishop's hat, Calotta, Camauro, Camaurum, Camelaucum, Canterbury cap, Cappello Romano, Capuceum, Caputium, catercap, Cocullum, cornette, Galero, Infula, cardinal's hat, pastoral hat, Saturno, skullcap, Solideo, Soli Deo, tiara, Subbiretum, Submitrale, Tabieh, tellermine, Triregnum, wimple, zucchetto

Protestant Church

Bavarian and Palatinate Berretta, Hanover Berretta, Lutherian Berretta, Nassau Berretta

Eastern Church

Aklil, Ballin, Birrus, Bruna, Cidaris, Corona, crown, Disit, Epanokamelauchion, Epanokamelavkion, Epikalymmauchon, Epirrhiptarion, Epanokamelafki, Eskimo, Kalimafi, Kalymmauchion, Kalymauki, Kamilafki, Kamelavkion, Kalymmavchion, Kamelauchion, Kamilavkion, Kamelaukion, Kamilavka, Kidaris, Klobuk, Kossita, Kyrbasia, Maçnafta, Maaphra, Piro, Piros, Pirrus, Phiro, Poderes, Qob, Saghavart, Shash, Shashta, Skophia, Skoufia, Skoufiya, Skophia, Skoufos, Skuphos, Skufia, Skufya, Skuphia, Skyfiya, Stephanos


Jarmulke, Jarmulka, Kappel, Kippa, Kippah, Masnaemphthes, Migbaoth, Migba’ah, Migbaat, Miznefet, Miznephet, Mitsnephet, prayer's cap, Shtreimel, Spodek, Tallit, Talit, Tallét, Talis, Tallis, Yarmlke, Yarmulke, Yarmulka


Barqa, Bone, Boushiya, Boushiyyah, Buknuk, Burka, Burqa, Burqah, Burqua, Burqu'ah, Bushiya, Chadari, Chador, Chéchia, Checheya, Chizma, Chitrali, Chumakli, Döppi, Dubatta, Dupatta, Duppi, Fes, Fez, Fila, Gebetskäppchen, Gefiya, Ghutra, Gotra, Gutra Hatta, headscarf, Hejab, Hijab, Imama, Jinnah, Kallapush, Kalpok, Kalpokcha, Kashmiri, Keepah, Keffiyeh, Khimar, Kowah, Kufi, Kufie, Kulohcha, Kush, Milfeh, Niqab, Pagri, Pakol, Phecy, prayer's cap, Rampur, Rampuri, Sanama, Shayla, Schesch, Shimagh, Shimaghi, Shmagh, Sindhi, Tagelmust, Tagelmoust,Takhya, Taqiyah, Taqiya, Tagiyah, Tarboosh, Tarbosch, Tarboush, Tarbusch Taykha, Thagiya, Tjubeteika, Tschadar, Tschador, turban, Tyubeteyka, Yamaka, Yamakah, Yashmagh

All my research was carried out with utmost consideration and to the best of my knowledge. Notwithstanding, errors may have occurred. I am willing to accept and do appreciate adjustments and corrections. Please do not hesitate to contact me.